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UK Gleek. Only watch it now for the New York story lines, I dont hate the newbies but can't connect with them as much as the oldies.

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what … what did I just witness?

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Ok so I literally just woke up in the middle of night and I can’teven right now. This is amazing like wow I

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Brittana in 5x12 - 100 & 5x13 - New Directions

It’s like watching a Brittana movie. Thank you to however made this :)

My pleasure ;)

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Dianna Agron: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [x] [donate here]

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brittanastarttogetherendtogether said: Well done! Just well done!


brittana + text posts (part three)

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British Tumblr Posts photoset #2

Want to see more country Photosets?

American Photoset #1 

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to anyone having a bad day im so sorry also here are some pictures of baby elephants 






feel better friend

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This is wayyyy too cool! Thanks for the amazing art bobbleheadgirl. Can’t wait to feature more of your submissions! Keep em coming using #NayaFanArt - Naya


This is wayyyy too cool! Thanks for the amazing art bobbleheadgirl. Can’t wait to feature more of your submissions! Keep em coming using #NayaFanArt - Naya


Lots to love about this music video with Dianna Agron & SAM SMITH!


Lots to love about this music video with Dianna Agron & SAM SMITH!


"Oh captain, my captain."

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So I always get asked what are some good Brittana fanfictions so I figured I would compile my favorites in a list for you and give you some insight as to why I love them and such.

Favorite Brittana Fanfics

*Influence: by Sapphosghost
-Synopsis: [Semi AU] Told through the eyes of Brittany. Brittany and Santana are best friends but Brittany falls madly in love with Santana who is too afraid to ruin her perfect rep to be with her. Brittany who was prescribed medication to help her focus better in school begins to abuse her pills to numb the pain of being constantly rejected by Santana.
-Notes: This is definitely my favorite Brittana fic. I can’t even tell you the amount of times I’ve read this. Everytime I start reading it, I can’t stop. I always end up reading the whole thing. That explains why I frequently made edits and photosets about it. My favorite thing about this story is that it’s not far fetched. If you really think about it, it could totally happen and it would explain alot of Brittany and the way she is. It’s one of those stories that gets stuck in your head and you constantly think about it even months after you’ve read it. The author is pure genius.

*I’ll Teach You To Dance by: monochromeheartbeat
-Synopsis: [AU] Brittany’s roommate moves out which causes her to search for a new apartment as she’s unable to afford the rent by herself. She comes across an ad on craigslist where she meets Rachel, Quinn, and Santana and moves in with them. Brittany and Santana instantly click and their friendship quickly evolves from roommates to friends to more.
-Notes: A truly captivating story. From the moment Santana and Brittany meet you can just feel their connection making your heart melt with their from start to finish. The best word to describe this story is adorable. The only disappointment is the story is not finished. However, it’s definitely worth reading.

*Forever Friends/Hollywood Living by: TTalks
-Synopsis: [Canon until The Break-up] Brittany appears back in Santana’s life after Santana’s parent’s die. Santana has a four year old son whom she concieved as a result of being raped. Brittany helps a traumatized Santana pick up the pieces and move forward whilst they fall back in love. Hollywood Living is the sequel set ten years later.
-Notes: It’s funny because I rarely hear anything about these fics but out of all the fics that i’ve read, i’ve definitely read these the most. I always find myself going back and rereading these even it’s just a specific part. These fics have a little bit of everything in them. Despite the description, it can be quite humorous. If we were to see canon Brittana in the future when they’re married with kids, this is definitely what it would look like minus the trauma.

*Blue Creek Lodge by: slaves4hemo
-Synopsis: [AU] Santana is forced to spend her winter break alone with her father at a ski resort in the middle of nowhere. She meets Brittany who is also there with her family for the holidays and they become friends and eventually more than that.
-Notes: This was the first AU fic that I ever read. It made me understand the purpose of AU fics. I just couldn’t stop reading. I HAD to know what happened next and the entire thing kept my attention. There were no boring parts. It flows so well. It strongly feel that this should have a sequel.

*Something More by: lookthroughme
-Synopsis: [Mostly canon] Plain and simple. Brittany and Santana have been sleeping together for a while but Brittany wants more.
-Notes: I believe this is the first Brittana fic that I’ve ever read. It grabbed my attention immediately. It’s very similar to the show but with different obstacles and goes deeper.

*Room 47 by: Little-Normandy
-Synopsis: [AU] Santana is set to marry high school sweetheart, Sam, when she falls into a depressive slump. Quinn refers her to a couselor/sex therapist she’s used, Brittany. Suddenly it becomes very difficult to concentrate on anything else than her attraction to Brittany.
-Notes: Hands down the sexiest Brittana fic ever. This story is filled with so much sexual tension leaving you feel like if they ever do climax, you might climax with them. It’s angsty and sexy and to be honest, don’t be surprised if it leaves you feeling a little sexually frustrated. It’s that hot.

*If You Could Only See What I See by: FrogsRcool
-Synopsis: [AU] Brittany and Santana meet working together at a bar. It isn’t long for their friendship to escalate into something more.
-Notes: For whatever reason, this story was strange for me. I felt like they portrayed Brittany in a strange way. But it could just be me. However, I really like this story. It kept my attention and I just wanted to keep reading and find out how it would end. It also has a sequel which I’m still reading.

*A Different Life/A Better Life by: hlnwst
-Synopsis: [Canon til 3x16] Brittany and Santana move to NY together after high school. Brittany is offered a job going on tour and dancing which she accepts causing Brittany and Santana to break up. Now seven years later, Brittany returns and Santana has a daughter and it’s only a matter of time before things heat up between the pair as they try to mend their relationship.
-Notes: I read this a while ago so I don’t remember that much from it but I remember being engrossed in it. It reminded me a little of Forever Friends but with a different plot. A Better Life is the sequel.

*2859 by: Halfrobotchicken
-Synopsis: [AU] Santana is a publicist in NY and Brittany is trying to create something big in Seattle. A wrong number leads them to be aquainted with each other leaving both unable to stop thinking about the other.
-Notes: I designed a cover photo for this fic and to be honest at first I just skimmed through it. A few months later I sat down and actually read and I was floored at how good it was! Definitely a must read.

*The Journal by: silverdoe14
-Synopsis: [AU] Santana works for a law firm who hires her a new secretary, Brittany. Brittany is instantly attracted to her as is Santana but they agree that nothing can happen because it would be unprofessional. They both find it extremely difficult to remain professional. Brittany finds a journal that belonged to a girl who went through a similar thing and begins to write her own feelings in it as well.
-Notes: I just read this not too long ago. This was very Room 47 hot! The minute they meet you just know that it’s gonna happen sooner or later. I loved that Santana was very mysterious throughout the whole thing and when they finally revealed her story, it made alot of sense.

*Taking The Long Way by: Lingering Lillies
-Synopsis: [Semi AU] This follows Santana on her journey of self-acceptance. It’s very long and drawn out but it has a lot of character development from Santana being terrified to love Brittany to them starting a family.
-Notes: This was another one of my first Brittana fics that I read. I liked that it’s long because things don’t just fix themselves overnight. It takes a long time. I love the character development in this. Not just with Santana but Brittany as well.

*Color by: EverShadow
-Synopsis: [AU] Santana tries to find a way to move on after Brittany dies suddenly. She revisits the places that her and Brittany had been the summer that she died trying to find some comfort. The story flip-flops in time, going back and forth from past to present.
-Notes: This fic…. this took me a really long time to read because it is so painful. I’ve only ever read it once and honestly, I probably won’t read it again because it’s too painful. But it’s so good at the same time. Every Brittana fan will tell you that if you don’t cry reading this, you have no soul. That is 100% accurate. It was one of those things where I didn’t want to read it but at the same time I was curious as to know what happens throughout it. So if you do read it, break out the tissues. You’re going to need them.


*Dance On Our Graves by: pleasant-hell
Synopsis: [AU] Santana has been on a downward spiral using drugs and alcohol and stripping for money. When she’s evicted from her apartment, she moves in with Brittany and her daughter. Brittany is still in love with Santana whom is constantly trying to convince Brittany and herself that she’s not worthy enough for her love.
Notes: I LOVE this fic. As sad as it is, I can totally see Santana having a substance abuse problem due to the fact that she doesn’t really know what she wants in life. In canon, Brittany would be the only person who could get Santana out of that mess and back to herself. This is a true testament of how well these two know each other and how they’ll never easily give up on each other. The only think I wasn’t too big on was the ending because it ends way too abruptly. I felt like there was more to tell. However, it’s definitely worth the read.
*Mischances, Stances, and Stoles Glances by: ellisbell85
Synopsis: [AU] Santana and Brittany are happily married expecting their first child when Santana gets into a car accident leaving her in a coma for the next 4 years. When she wakes up everything is different including Brittany who is now married to someone else. Now Santana must come to terms with everything that’s happened in the last 4 years and learn to live without Brittany whom was supposed to be her forever. Or does she?
Notes: Okay, I stayed up until 5am reading this fic. It was so good that I had no fingernails left. Then I got to the end and realized it wasn’t finished and wanted to cry. However, I’d reread this over and over again because it’s amazing. They need to finish this because I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. But seriously, go read it and come cry with me.

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Genie, I'm...I'm gonna miss you.

R.I.P. Robin Williams (July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014)

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Glee Cast tweets about Robin Williams

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A small non spoilery scene from “At The Devil’s Door”

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